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Stonepark Travel is a fully operational ttavel agency which can offer all the services you may need in Turkey. Terms & conditions mentioned below will allow you to understand what you are legally entitled to expect from our travel agency when you purchase travel services through us and in addition to that you will also see your obligations as a customer.

From this point; the terms; “we, us, our” will refer to Stonepark Travel and the term “you” will refer to the client visiting our website, booking a reservation through us or using our services.


Products and Suppliers
We’re offering many different travel services or travel related products. Most of the services we provide by our own party but for some of the services we have business partners and service providers working with us. Each provider may have its own terms and conditions, in addition to ours and you will be made aware of them also. Please make sure to read and understand them all.

Stonepark Travel will be acting as a mediator or a booking agent for the services that are not directly provided by us (for example; Hotel accommodation, flight tickets…etc.). Even though we’re business partners with these suppliers we’re not a co-vendor of such services and you will be entitled to their own terms and conditions.

Flight ticket bookings from all airlines will be entitled to those airline terms & conditions mentioned on their website. Even though we provide the booking we’re not responsible from the decisions or price policy the airlines will apply. The prices given by the airlines may change less than 24 hours due to seat availabilities or other conditions. Again Stonepark Travel will not be responsible from the price changes before booking the ticket.

Payment & Cancellation 
We will ask %30 deposit to guarantee and hold your reservation. Your deposit payment will enable us to hold a reservation for you but if the remaining balance is not payed within the deadline given by us, Stonepark Travel has the right to cancel the reservation and keep the deposit payment. Other than that, the deadline for you to cancel the services booked through us will be 30 days prior to your arrival date. You can cancel your travel before this date and receive a full refund (Except for the flight tickets). The cancellation policy will be as below;

30 – 15 days prior to your arrival %30 of your payment (deposit) will be charged as penalty,
14 -  07 days prior to your arrival %50 of your payment will be charged as penalty,
07 – 01 days prior to your arrival %100 of your payment will be charged as penalty,

*** Please note that;  the cancellation penalties for the flight tickets will be offered according to the cancellation policy and general rules of the airline.  For example;  most of promo tickets may not offer a refund.

If you have booked a flight and we are alerted to a significant schedule change by your airline before you leave the United States, we will contact you by email to advise you of this. Please ensure that you have given your contact email address to us and that you regularly check for messages before you leave. We have no control over airline schedule changes and accept no liability for costs which may arise as a result of such changes.

As a payment method; for the deposit payment we will only accept credit card and for the remaining balance we will accept credit card or cash. We will accept Mastercard and Visa but not working with American Express. Also we reserve the right to refuse personal checks and bank wire payments.

As Stonepark Travel, we keep the right to cancel your reservation if we can’t receive your payment in case your credit card doesn’t work, the card details are wrong and we can’t reach you via e-mail.

We reserve the right to change your travel itinerary if we have to take immediate actions like road blockage caused by roadwork or any act that will threaten your safety.

After leaving your country it will be your responsibility to check with us or the airline that if all the flights you’ve booked is operating as booked. We strongly recommend that you contact your airline at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure of each flight to do this.

If there is a schedule change on any of your flights; we may have to change your flight details or inform you about your changed details. In this case it’s important that you have provided us with a active e-mail account and a mobile number you will be using through your travel.

Stonepark Travel will inform your through e-mail about the mandatory changes and won’t accept any losses you will experince by not checking your e-mail or not providing an active adress.

If you would like a change on your itinerary or travel services booked through us please note that our reservation team will do their best to make it happen. But all reservation changes are subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the product purchased.

In some cases there may be additional fees required to the changes. For example; a hotel change at the last moment may end up with No-Show fees. It’s best to follow cancellation policy while making the changes aswell.

We usually communicate with our clients through e-mail. Your necessary documentation like flight tickets, confirmation voucher… etc. will be send to you by e-mail also. We reserve the right to charge an administration fee if you request the documents to be sent as hard copies.

Once you receive your documentation it will be your responsibility to make sure all the dates and details mentioned at the documents are correct. If you believe there is an error you have to bring to our attention as soon as possible so we can correct. Stonepark Travel will only be bound with the services written. We will not be responsible for any losses caused by an error or change not informed by your party.

If you have informed us about an error and still received a wrong or deficient service Stonepark Travel will cover for your loss.

In Case of a Complaint
If you have a problem during your holiday, please inform us immediately. Our team will do their best to solve your problem. Please note that, complaints after fully receiving the service will not be taken into consideration. For example; if you have a problem with your room at the hotel please contact us immediately. After accommodating at the hotel and using all the services, we won’t be able to assist you in anyway or your refund requests won’t be accepted.

Passport and Visa Requirements
Stonepark Travel is only bound to offer you travel services. It will be your responsibility to provide necessary visa and passport requirements. We won’t accept any responsibility in case, you won’t be able to travel due to not complying with any such requirements.

We’ll be offering a limited insurance in our Turkey packages but this insurance will have very limited content and will only be valid once you enter the country. That’s why we’re strongly recommending that you should buy an comprehensive insurance for your entire journey.

Use of our Website
People visiting our website will agree that; without our written permission, you may not) access, monitor or copy any content or information from our website using any "robot", "spider" or other automated or manual device or program, deep link to any portion of our website, or "frame" or incorporate any portion of our website into any other website.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
Once you book services through us or our website, you and the ones you travel with; will be agreeing to be bound by the terms & conditions of this agreement and any additional terms & conditions of any provider that is used in your booking or travel arrangements.

By agreeing this Agreement you will also authorize Stonepark Travel (, to charge the specified amount from your credit card.

You will also agree that any violation of the terms and conditions mentioned above may result in the cancellation of your reservation or services or penalty payments due to violation of the terms or cancellations.

Again by accepting this agreement, you’re guaranteeing that you are of sufficient age to use our services and website and can create binding legal obligations in connection with your use, you are legally authorized to act and decide on behalf of those you represent and accept these terms and conditions on their behalf. You’re also guaranteeing that the information supplied by you or members of your group is true and correct.

You will be responsible for informing the people you’re travelling with of all terms and conditions applicable to their travel arrangements. You will also be accepting that you are financially responsible for any use of our services or website by you and those using your name or account.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Turkey without regard to its conflicts of laws principles. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the enforceability of the remaining provisions will not in any way be affected or impaired.

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