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Car Rental / Hire

For our guests who prefer the freedom of self-driving, we offer car/vehicle rental services throughout Turkey.  There are many quaint villages and lovely vistas to explore along the way between major travel destinations. For the comfort of our guests, your rental car would be delivered to your hotel or on arrival of your flight, as needed.

The Turkish road and highways are well maintained and for the most part, also well-signed. The Turkish drive on the right-hand side of the road (as in continental Europe and North America) and most vehicles have a manual (or “stick-shift” transmission) – automatic vehicles are also available for hire in most locations. 

A valid driver’s license from most major countries is accepted for passenger car rentals. Driver’s licenses from more obscure countries, and those with non-Roman characters (Asian language characters, Cyrillic, etc) would require an International Driver’s License.

All passenger car rentals come with complete insurance in the rental rate. Please note, in Turkey drop-off fees (leaving the vehicle in a different location than the pick-up location) may apply.

GROUPVEHICLEENGINE1-6 Days7-14 Days14+ Days
E Renault Clio Symbol, A/C, Gasoline, Manual or similar 1400cc € 40 € 38 € 34
ED Renault Clio Symbol, A/C, Diesel, Manual or similar 1500cc € 45 € 42 € 39
EA Fiat Linea, A/C, Gasoline, Manual or similar 1400cc € 50 € 48 € 44
K Ford Focus, A/C, Gasoline, Manual or similar 1600cc € 55 € 52 € 49
KD Fiat Linea, A/C, Diesel, Manual or similar 1300cc € 60 € 58 € 54
KA Ford Focus, A/C, Gasoline, Automatic or similar 1600cc € 65 € 62 € 59
L Renault Fluence, A/C, Gasoline, Automatic or similar 1600cc € 70 € 68 € 64
LD Ford Focus, Reanult Fluence, A/C, Diesel, Manual or similar 1600cc € 75 € 72 € 69
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