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Cappadocia Private Balloon Flight
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Flight Option :  Private Flight
Duration :  1 Hour
Basket Size :  Small basket
Leaders :  Professional Hot Air Balloon Pilot
Transportation :  Pick-up & Drop-off from/to Cappadocia Hotels 
Departures/Dates   :  Guaranteed Daily Departures, year-round (as long as the weather permits) 

We also offer Private Balloon Flights for our guests who wish to have a once-in-a-lifetime balloon experience in Cappadocia.

Our fully private flight is just for you and the pilot – usually 2 passengers and the pilot, the Private Balloon Flight provides the perfect flight experience for couples, newlyweds, marriage proposals in the air, special anniversaries, photographers and anyone who likes to treat themselves to an amazing adventure.

The Private Flight begins about one hour before sunrise with a private pick-up at your area hotel. We will drive to the take-off location and begin the balloon inflation. Once the balloon is vertical you will receive the full instructions from your pilot including safety briefing and landing instructions…and then you’re off! For one hour and 30 minutes you and your special someone will glide among rock formations, over vineyards, orchards and ancient cities. After the balloon flight ends we will celebrate with a champagne toast, in the tradition of the first balloon flights by the Montgolfier Brothers in France, in 1873. Then we will prepare a special private picnic for the two of you and after return to your hotel.

Balloon Flight Info

Pick-up & Pre-Flight: Pick-up and drop-off from Cappadocia hotels are included in the Hot Air Balloon flights. Pick-up time will depend on at what time the sun rises. For example; you will be picked up from your hotel around 04:30-05:00 at spring and summer times while you will be picked-up around 06:00 in winter…

After pick-up you will arrive to hot air balloon landing site. Here you will have open buffet snacks and tea/coffee service while watching the balloons float. This is a perfect opportunity for those you like to take photos!

Next the flight crew will assist you to get on the hot air balloon basket and your FAA Certified Pilot will give a informative brief about the flight. All of the pilots and balloons we offer; are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Take-Off & Flight: The take-off is quite gentle many people don’t realize when it happens exactly. The hot air balloons will take-off at sunrise.

First the balloons will rise approximately 1000 feet so we can witness the beautiful sunrise over the magical valleys of Cappadocia.  You will discover the extraordinary views of Cappadocia from a birds eye view. Next the balloon will descend which will give you opportunity to see the beautiful fairy chimneys and valleys from a closer point of view and this is great for photo shoots aswell!

The Landing: The landing of a hot air balloon flight is always celebrated with a traditional champagne toast. You will also get a certification for attending the flight. After the celebration you will be dropped off to your hotel around 07:30 – 08:00 according to the flight time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to fly so early?
The best weather conditions are usually at this time. Usually the wind is not very strong at early mornings and there are no thermals. Plus it’s a wonderful view to watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon!

What do you have to wear?
The weather can be a little chilly at early morning and quite cold in winter time. But as the sun goes up it will get warmer. So it’s best to wear in layers. Warm and long trousers, t-shirt and long sleeve pullover or sweatshirts, and suitable footwear for an outdoor will be best options to wear. In winter or early spring times it’s best to bring a coat with you.

Where the balloons take off from?
The take-off site can change according to the direction and the speed of the wind. But you can be sure that whereever the balloons may take-off from you will still be able to see the the most charming valleys and most beautiful views of Cappadocia.

How High the balloons go?
Again this depends on the wind. If the weather is calm the balloons can go up to 1000 feet. And sometimes can go as low as you can pick fruits from the trees.

Can you bring your children?
The hot air balloons can accept children over 7 years old children but unfortunately not younger than that. And please note that pregnant women also not allowed at the balloon.

Can you fly with Hot Air Balloon in winter time?
Yes, hot air balloons are operating all year long but from October to March, there may be more cancellations due to weather conditions.

When does a flight will be cancelled?
Basically the important point here is the velocity of the wind. Again if the rain is very heavy or there is fog the flight may be cancelled.  To be able to take off safely the wind has to be less than 10 knots. If you have couple of days in the region you can try to fly the next mornings. But if you don’t have time or don’t want to try again, you will receive a full refund if we have to cancel your flight.

Tour Type Private Hot Air Balloon
Price Please Ask!

Private Balloon flight includes:
*Full passenger insurance
*One and a half hour balloon flight in a private balloon for two
*Private Transportation from/to hotel
*In Flight Champagne service
*Exclusive Private Picnic celebration after the flight catered to your desire.
*Champagne Celebration on landing
*Souvenir Flight Certificate
*Max. 4 people capacity basket (2 passengers + pilot)

The Private Balloon flight is traditionally for 2 adults plus the pilot; however we can also arrange a private balloon for more passengers. Many families and small groups prefer a private balloon. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Info:
*Please note that the Hot Air Balloon flights may be cancelled due to weather conditions. In case of cancellation you will have a chance to try the next days (as long as you stay). Still, if the flight is not possible the total will be refunded back to you.
*Cancellations (made by your party) 3 days prior to the flight will be charged fully.

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